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Webinars (online classes) are one of the major support mechanisms for our students. Webinars are held upto 5 times a week and you can attend as many as you want till your exam date! Use them to refresh concepts and clarify doubts.


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"It is truly amazing to experience the downright sincerity and commitment of the team at Jamboree. Right from the student's inception, they set out a plan consistent with his or her goals and are dedicated to provide as much guidance and assistance as needed. I am profoundly indebted to Jamboree for giving me the personal attention they did and helping me overcome any obstacles in the process. I highly recommend students to avail of the opportunity to work with the exemplary team at Jamboree"

Kushagra Aggarwal

GMAT Score - 750

Juhi Naik

GRE Score - 336

Aditi Krishnakumar

SAT Score - 1530